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Freightgate releases new OceanTender version 3.1
Freightgate, a leading provider of supply chain transportation solutions, is pleased to announce the release of OceanTender version 3.1 . Freightgate's transportation procurement application uses a common business process and standardized format developed in conjunction with global shippers, 3PLs and carriers. Ocean Tender standardizes and supports all phases of a tender from initial creation, request, responses, complex shipper evaluation, countering, and award.

"We are excited that our user community can now do least cost routing analysis with just the click of a button and account for business reality of awarding a given lane to more than one carrier with ease. " says Martin Hubert, President Freightgate. "Anyone in the International Shipping Procurement Community should see for themselves what a great value the Freightgate Procurement solutions offer."

The new Ocean Tender release incorporates the latest trends and strategies Incorporated in the Ocean RFQ processes. Specific Ocean Tender version 3.1 features include:

Split Nominations
- between carriers assign % to specific carriers
- between rankings assign % by response rankings

Limit Nominations by carrier(s)
- by percentage of the total volume in descending quantity order (largest lanes first)
- by percentage for each trade Lane, only where carrier has the best quote
- by percentage for the total volume, selecting smallest gap first (between 1st to 2nd quotes)

Enable re-quotes
- automated override allows re-quotes in the same round or previous unquoted rounds

Automated Distribution
- Send requests, responses, nominations and awards directly from OceanTender. No need for carrier logins!
- Distributed data is automatically saved for audit purposes.

Real Time Results
- See the impact on your strategies on allocations and carriers

Dashboard - Statistical Reporting
- Track carrier performance/responses by round

Gary Chisamore, Freightgate's VP of Business Development reports "based on customer feedback we have developed 'optimal routing capabilities' and 'Least cost models' that have the capability to limit % awarded to carrier/destination or totals. By incorporating nomination strategies we have provided granularity unmatched in any other transportation procurement solution.

We have deployed an interface to allow Email distribution to carriers at any stage during the tender process, making it much more efficient to notify carriers of the current status of their responses, while providing a record of what was sent".

For additional information on Freightgate visit them on the web at, email or call Gary Chrisamore (609)301-5662.

About Freightgate
Based in Huntington Beach, California, the Freightgate ( team has been developing Internet solutions for the freight and logistics since 1994, such as its industry-leading PLTXT Platform, with I-Trek!® Internet Supply Chain Collaboration & Visibility; GTM-Trek!T for tender management; Tariff-Trek!T for least cost routing, service contract and quote management; FMC-Trek!T for fulfilling FMC publishing requirements; Pay-Trek!T for automated eInvoice audit and payment; WISAT innovative What-If-Scenario Analysis tool; I-Sail!T interactive online sailing schedule; Compliance-Trek!T for compliance management with FMC and U.S. Customs. Freightgate's customer portfolio contains companies such as Agility Logistics, Alliance International, APL Logistics, CaroTrans, Menlo Worldwide Logistics, Nippon Express, Panalpina, Platinum Cargo Logistics, Primary Freight, RH-Shipping and Top Ocean. Freightgate is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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